06 January 2010

You know you work in seismic when ....

**** Copy from "You know you work in seismic when .... " facebook..

-you're away from home 6 months a year
-you got 6 months of vacation per year
-your boat is your second home
-you miss a one Christmas every two year
-you have seen more countries than all your friends together
-you have a "frequent flier" card which earns you nothing because of seaman tickets
-you leave home on a Sunday to embark on a Wednesday
-you take the chopper for free
-you do not get seasick even by 10m swell
-You pay no taxes (usually ...)
-you know the canned cheese, plastic sausages, electronic ice-cream ...
-you got friends all around the world
-you work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 5 weeks
-planning change is routine
-you know bad words in almost all languages
nobody can understand when you explain your job
-you got orange coveralls
-HSE sucks
-you took 5kg your first year on board
-home, you sleep at least 10h and screw around all day
-you have access to "Priority Pass" lounges in airports
-when you see 0047 ... 0041 ... or 0044 ... on your mobile phone, you don't answer
-you've already done, at least one embarkation by chase boat (or gun-boat)
-you talk in acronyms
-you wonder the real usefulness of MMOs on board
-you know how to survive in case of a helicopter crash

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