30 September 2013

Giant Innova 2010 Akan DIjual

 Untuk Dijual.. Sudah Lama Menyemak Dalam Store Kata Bini Aku. RM1500 Jalan... 

USED - RM1500 (Nego)

- Red Giant Innova 26" size M (17") - Bought 2010
- Deore Crank 
- Deore XT RD 
- Rock SHox Dart 3 
- Tyre Maxis Detonator - Road use
- Shimano Brake
- Wellgo Pedal

Can change to offroad tyre and ready to offroad.

Call/SMS/Whatsapp - Sobri 012 2813524
item can view at Putrajaya.

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