18 June 2008

HANDOVER NOTES – Survey Tech Highland Rover 19 June 2008

1. Survey tech duty is from 0000 – 1200. U can refer to duty roster inside survey room.
2. Sonardyne Fusion – Pole and transducer head was installed. Lower down the pole when you want to use the LBL pole. Ask for assistance from bridge to lower the pole.
3. Audacia and Lorelay sometimes need a Compatt for a reference beacon. Please prepare the Compatt with the sand bag and we will deploy it with assistances of the marine crew.
4. Videotel at Survey Room (on top of rack) near surveyor online. Please switch on when need and switch off when we are not using it, to avoid interference with any vessels in this field.
5. We are using 2 ROV i.e. ROV Q2 & ROV Q4. We have 6 beacons here and the latest Frequency Management we received ask us to use 3 Beacon code only, B38, B58 and B78. Please update the beacon code when we receive any update on the Frequency Management. Update the beacon attached to the ROV to white board.(But for now only Q4 is running good. Q2 still repairing)
6. Charge the beacons in survey room as required.
7. At the moment, ROV is using our beacons for positioning and sometimes they use their own Responders when operating in shallow waters. There is no responder for the both ROVs, both of them are using the transponder.
8. ROV Q2 and ROV Q4 interfacing already done. Details for interfacing can be checked at “ C:\01 INDGH3206- DHIRUBHAI –INDIA\01 Party Chief\05 Logistic\01 Project Equipment List\ Comm Port&Beacon xls ”. At party chief computers.
9. Details for equipment and consumables are in “ C:\01 INDGH3206- DHIRUBHAI –INDIA\01 Party Chief\05 Logistic\01 Project Equipment List\HR Equipment List and Consumables.xls ”. at party chief computer. There is two location of our consumables, one in the suvey room and processing container . Please refer to Party Chief for further information.
Please update equipment list when any thing changed.
10. For more information U can ask Kamarul and Izzudin the Surveyors. Spare Dell CPU that was for Visualsoft is being used for any testing PC, Sonardyne Beacon terminal and also secret Internet.
11. We received the DTU (Deck Test Unit owned by Allseas) from Highland Fortress for us to re-arm the Compatt’s acoustic release before transfer it to the Lorelay or Audacia.
12. At the back of Archive Monitor the tags have been put for every BNC cable for swapping from Q2 to Q4 along with Audio Video connections.
13. During pipe tracker operation, please connect the pipe tracker “video in” to the BNC connector for the Videotel at the junction box near to the Online rack. We are sharing this BNC connector with the Videotel.
14. We don’t have any spare cartridge for new printer HP for Party Chief. We have ordered from TLGH office. Need to consult with Party Chief.

NETWORK COMPUTERS As on 19 June 2008

Computer Name IP Address Member Location

Survey Online 1 Workgroup SR-Online desk
Survey Online 2 Workgroup SR-Online desk
Processor 1 Workgroup SR-Processing desk
Processor 2 Workgroup Processing Container
ROV Q 4 Workgroup Q4 Shack
ROV Q 2 Workgroup Q2 Shack
Bridge Workgroup Bridge
Party Chief Workgroup SR-Party Chief desk

Visual Soft CENTRE Visual works SR-Visualsoft desk
Visual Soft Stbd Visual works SR-Visualsoft desk
Visual Soft Port Visual works SR-Visualsoft desk
Visual Soft Archive Visual works SR-Visualsoft desk
Visual Soft Edit Visual works Processing Container

NOTE: Please update for any change.
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