27 February 2010

Wideband Sonardyne LBL - Troubleshooting Guide

******thank you for visiting this blog and looking some stuff about LBL sonardyne. I found that dificult to fiind the notes or anything about wideband LBL Sonardyne. Here i would like to share a something about LBL if u are looking it on the net. But this is only a summary of the method to solve the problem on LBL********
(taking from the Sonardyne Wideband LBL Troubleshooting Guidelines Document No. T_D/07/08_LBL Issue: A Revision: 0 Prepared by: J. Hope Date of Issue: 15/09/2007

Troubleshooting A Sub-Sea Acoustic System

Troubleshooting a sub-sea acoustic system requires a panic free, patient, systematic
and methodical approach together with an appreciation of the local working
environment. It is important to identify and confirm the requirement to troubleshoot
while also recording all remedial actions. Firstly, the operator must be certain that the
issue is sub-sea having checked the top-side equipment for error, e.g. software issue,
cabling, etc. Secondly, the context of the operation must be considered, e.g. the
occasional acoustic range measurement drop-out maybe be acceptable and not
warrant remedial action. Generally troubleshooting is required where it is confirmed
as a sub-sea issue with prolonged periods of poor or no data and / or


P = Panic Free

I = Identify

M = Methodical

P = Patience

S = Systematic

this is summary of the first step of troubleshooting the LBL system. if u need to have more info or a copy of the guide..i'll send u a copy

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