01 February 2010


Brake pad bought at Kedai Basikal kat Klang.
.the price showing is RM 45.90.but i get 35 only.
The brand is BENGAL..but i think it is chicken brand kutt,,hahaha..

The pad and bracket..the new one..firs
tly..i'm not sure how to fix it becoz of the manual for the hydraulic brake is not in the box..i forget to ask samy about the manual after i bought the stuff.

(left) old one
(right) new one.

the old one is already oiled with WD-40 when i try to clean the RD from the
dust..i accidently sprayed th WD-40 to the disc and when i brake the WD-40 damage the brake pad. i went to bicycle shop and ask them what the solution..they said tukar baru is the best solution.ceit..

After intallation - Very2 easy installation..

Make sure the clip is bend

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::aMaD:: said...

woah.terer2.. =p

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