16 November 2008

Handover note Survey Tech Higland Rover -

Handover note to Survey Engineer.

Hi Chong. Nothing much happened here since I’m joining this vessel last 6 weeks. Below some of the note need you to know.

General Items
1. Consumable and PEI are in Party Chief folder. Updated till to 6-11-2008 (Rev 10). Could you please put in the “REV CONTROL” sheet the update that you will make.
2. There are the Complete PC's belonging to us at the bridge x 1, ROV Q4 x 1, ROV Q2 x 1, Rep Office X 1 and got 3 0r 4 monitor. These PCs is still remain the same place and location.
3. EFR items :-
1. EFR 006 - HP DeskJet F380 with adaptor and printer cable – The problem is the feeder paper broken, cant feed the paper correctly.
2. EFR 005 - SMC -EZ6508TX 6V Hub – The diode on the PCB board bunt.

4. Due to HP DeskJet F380 problem, the A3 Printer form Report Writer container transferred to the client’s office and located at the Ril client’s desk.
5. The VHF radio antenna connector is broken and lost the screw for the grip of the cable to the connector. I just grip with the BNC grip and tied with the cable tie. FYI the antenna is located at the ROV Qc4 shack near to the gangway.
6. The 3 Com network switch spare for Visualsoft was used replace the faulty network switch behind the procesor pc.

LBL & Compatt
7. Testing Compatt can do in the report writer container or if u can use your laptop, there is a USB to Serial converter in the blue box below the Seabat Processor. No need the CD driver for the USB converter.
8. DTU Unit at the Processing Room and for the change battery tools also inside the DTU unit.
9. The LBL transducer is OK now after we change the head with the Calamity Jane. We also change the transducer cable. For the broken cable and intermittent transducer was packed and stored at the bosun store. So you will loose your headache after this.
10. Due to problem with ROV Qc 4, the ROVNav is attached to ROV Qc2.
11. There is 4 flotation collar without Compatt onboard.

WSM Beacon Transponder
12. Wideband Sub-mini beacon terminal is still at the PC computer and can run from the shortcut at task bar.
13. The lost transponder is consider lost.

14. 1PPS TTL signal was connected from the P1 (pin 1 and 5) Veripos 3 to the TTL adaptor and connected to the comm1 Online PC** refer to the drawing below this handover note. ZDA input get from the same P1 and connected to the Comm 9 rocket port** refer to the drawing below this handover note.
15. The veripos (Inmarsat DGPS2) antenna cabling was broken and for now we are using the Veripos (Inmarsat DGPS3).

16. Khoon (Subsea 7) ask me to check the cable but nanang said its not priority.
17. We received the Veripos QC pc last 3 weeks and already installed to the online rack and the existing pc I put it below Seabat processor with the octopus cable tied with pc’s handle. The another spare for the veripos QC is located above the Veripos QC. The configuration for the new Veripos QC pc is started from Comm 4 (not Comm 3 like before).

18. The location KVM switch for Visualsoft was changed by Hairel and use a new DLINK KVM switch due to “hang” previous KVM switch.
19. Maxtor HDD just changed to the new one last 4 weeks.

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