21 May 2008


Today is Tuesday and same as any day..time still ticking but I’m still sick with my own mind. There is a lot of think to complete of myself. Is it ok I’m writing in this english. While I listening to the Queen Of the Stone Age. This is Dave Grohl side band and its still have the element of grunge. That’s suck. But still acceptable for me for my age now. What to write here is I don’t know. This what I called it the learning of language and try to learn it and practice it for my future of coz. That’s fuck. Because for my future is not this way of learning only. I must help myself. Its not a fact if I just learning this language. It is matter of what to bring inside myself and how to apply it in my work everyday. But.its sstill fuck. I hope that I always will get something new for my new day. But its suck. Fucking hell..this is me. Every day is me same as yesterday..and tomorrow. Could anybody can show me the way to change my life. But if has somebody is very generous to show me the way for myself, its still suck..becouse I want to cahnge my life……………………..fuck em all…

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